Club Runs

The club runs several rides and training sessions during the week for its members. This is regarded as a member benefit so the only non members who are allowed to ride in these sessions are those who are considering joining the club as members.

club run

Club run code of conduct and etiquette

• Arrive for the ride on time
• On arrival form groups of similar ability
•Group size should be no more than 12 riders in each group
• Ensure everyone knows where the ride is heading
• Do a head count, don’t leave people behind
• Prepare for the ride, bring spares and cash for a tea stop. Members may wish to fit mudguards during the winter and in periods of wet weather.
• Point out pot holes and hazards. Look after riders that are flagging
• Slow down to walking speed for horses. Ride considerately, if you leave the ride tell someone
• Obey the highway code, don’t jump red lights
• Remember this is a members ride, if non-members are regularly attending, politely ask them to pay their subs or leave the ride.
• Enjoy your ride!

Saturday Club Runs

The Saturday club ride leaves from the High Street car park Rainham which is located opposite junction of Mierscourt Road and High St, Rainham, Kent ME8 8AD at 9am. The ride is approximately 50 to 60 miles long in the winter and 60 to 70 miles long in the summer, aiming to get back to Rainham for 1.30 pm (depending on mechanical problems and punctures). The average speed is usually 16 to 17 mph. There is a stop at a cafe, usually about half way through the ride. Regular destinations include Whitstable, the Kent Gliding Club between Charing and Challock, and Headcorn.

Sunday Club Runs

The Sunday club ride also leaves from the same location at 9 am.

The faster of the two rides is usually about 50 miles in length, and does not always include a cafe stop.

The social ride is 35 to 45 miles in length aiming to get back to Rainham for midday (depending on mechanical problems and punctures). There is a stop at a cafe, usually in the second half of the ride. Regular destinations include Faversham, Rodmersham Green, Bredgar, and Brogdale.

A route to Faversham can be found here.

Two routes to Brogdale can be found here and here.


A route to Rodmersham Green can be found here.

A route to Teapot Island can be found here.

A route to Chilham (Badgers Farm) can be found here.

A route to Bredgar can be found here.

Thursday evening chain gang

During the spring and summer months the club runs a faster chain gang style training ride. Riders meet at the bus stop in Iwade Village for a 7.15 pm start. The session lasts an hour and consists of circuits ridden at a racing pace, usually increasing in pace as the session develops. Please ensure your bike has suitable lights, and complies with the road vehicle lighting regulations when this session in ridden in darkness. Please note this is a training session and riders comply with the Highway Code at all times.

Please remember that the club constitution states that active riders should be members of an organisation such as British Cycling or Cycling UK, which provides insurance cover for them when they are riding.

The club has indemnity insurance, but this does not cover individual riders.

Guest Riders

There must not be more than 5 non-members on any one ride, nor should a non member participate in a ride more than 5 times. This limitation does not apply to one off events.