Weekly update 15th September

David Mackey took park in the Revolve 24 on Sunday. The event involves riding for 24hours straight around the 2.4mile circuit of Brands Hatch.

He was rewarded for his epic endurance effort with a 10th place finish. The velo completed 362.5miles during the event in which over 100 riders took part.

Lee Kingston also took a top 10 spot this weekend. The speedy Velo completed the VTTA 25 mile time trial in 56mins 12secs.

Rob Kennison thought he’d get back into shape after his work as finish manager on the Tour Of Britain by riding the Cheshire Derbyshire Sportive Challenge. He completed the hilly 75km hilly course and said after that the event was a tough one.

Jon Graciano lined up against top competition on Saturday at the Hillingdon Masters Crit Race.

In a race averaging over 25mph he did well sitting in the bunch for the full 1hr 20min event. He was just outside the top 10 but put in a good performance.

Thank you to all the promoting clubs this weekend.

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Weekly update – 8th September

Nathan Delaney had a good ride in the SERRL at Brenchley on Saturday.
He lined up against a quality field of riders, including two national champions, to see who would be first past the chequered flag over the 90km event. 
With the elites racing away from the bunch Nathan sat tight in his group of chasers.  Despite a few tests round the circuit, such as the Pixot Hill Climb, Nathan kept his nerve and managed to pick up 7th place.
Another great outing by the speedy velo.

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Weekly update 1st September

The closing club 10 event took place in Iwade for the Medway Velo on Sunday.

To mix things up it was a 2-up event where the rules state the older rider should be paced by the younger team mate over the 10-mile course.

Despite a stiff breeze some good times were returned with Kieran Lawlor and Jon Graciano taking the win in 25mins 23secs. The runners up were Malcolm Day and Fraser Blandford who clocked 25mins 56secs with the final step on the podium going to Matt Nunn and Rob Sapp in 26mins 30secs.

A special mention must go to Matt who was up at 5am to race the Thanet RC 10. He not only equalled his PB at the event but managed to race very well for a second time at the club TT with only a few hours recovery.

The lady winners were Cassie McGoldrick and Sally Smith who were on for a PB before disaster struck on the last lap with Smith suffering a front puncture. Kindly clubmate Fraser was able to lend her his front wheel for the final lap resulting in them finishing in 28mins 21secs with over 2-mintues lost to the drama.

Two riders opted to take on the course solo. Guest rider Joe Austin of Sheppey Velo recorded a time of 24mins 31secs to Mike Stanley with a 27min 38secs.

GP 2-up results:

Kieran Lawlor & Jon Graciano – 25:23

Malcolm Day & Fraser Blandford – 25:56

Robb Sapp & Matt Nunn – 26:30

Alex Cook & Steve Waite – 26:40

Cassie McGldrick & Sally Smith – 28:21

Chris Robinson & Karen Florey – 30:19

Mick Florey & Jill Day – 30:51

Solo event:

Joe Austin, Sheppy Velo – 24:31

Mike Stanley, Medway Velo -27:38

Thanet Way 10

Matt Nunn equalled his PB with a ride of 24mins 28secs at the VTTA 10 held on the Thanet Way on Sunday.

David Mackey also had a good ride returning a time of 25mins 17secs.

Lee Kingston who had retuned a PB for 25miles at the Catford 25 the previous week of 55mins 53secs started well but on this rare occasion did not finish the race.

A thank you to the Thanet and Catford for their recent promotion.

North Weald Crits

Richard Stoke raced at the North Weald Crits this week. In a bid to celebrate the closing events of the season the event was in fancy dress and run in the opposite direction as usual on the circuit.

Richard started in the second group with the bunch staying together for the majority of the race until three snuck away off the front.

He finished mid-bunch in a race that averaged 25.5mph.

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GP de Gentlemen / women & Solos Club Event

Result of GP de Gentlemen / Women & Solo event held on Q10/20 Iwade course on Sunday 1st September 2019.

  Two ups    
1 Kieran Lawlor Medway Velo 25:23
  Jon Graciano Medway Velo  
2 Malcolm Day Medway Velo 25:56
  Fraser Blandford Medway Velo  
3 Rob Sapp Medway Velo 26:30
  Matt Nunn Medway Velo  
4 Alex Cook Medway Velo 26:40
  Steve Waite Medway Velo  
5 Cassie Mc Goldrick Medway Velo 28:21
  Sally Smith Medway Velo  
6 Chris Robinson Medway Velo 30:19
  Karen Florey Medway Velo  
7 Mick Florey Medway Velo 30:51
  Jill Day Medway Velo  
1 Joe Austin Sheppey Velo 24:31
2 Mike Stanley Medway Velo 27:38

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GP de Gentlemen / women – Sunday 1st September

Sunday 1st September sees the final club time trial of the year, with a traditional end of season event a GP de Gentlemen / women 2 up.

For the GP de Gentlemen/women, one rider must be either a veteran (over 40 years old) or a woman (any age which meets CTT rules). This ‘designated’ rider must be paced for the first four laps, for the final lap it becomes a traditional two up event where both riders may share the pace making.

If both riders are veterans, and / or a woman, then one rider must be the ‘designated’, and the organiser should be notified of this at sign on.

Composite teams, where riders come from different clubs are acceptable, and being a club event there is no requirement for both riders to wear similar kit.

Sign on is in Ridham Dock Road from approximately 10:15 am, first rider off is at 11:00 am.

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Weekly update

On Sunday the Mighty Medway Velo held their 3rd annual grass track event by kind permission of Lee Thompson and University of Kent at their sports facility in Giles Lane, Canterbury.

Despite being located several hours away from the usual grass track venues the event was hugely successful attracting entries from riders who made long journeys to take part. The club was keen that the riders had a quality event worth travelling for and the race programme was packet with events for all including juniors, ladies and all categories of racers.

The event attracted a quality field and the racing was ferocious with a few close calls and examples of pure dominance making it both exciting to watch or hard work to attempt to sit in the wheels.

David Michinson of Countour Cycles Racing Team and Laurence Lisher of RockandRoadbikes-Ellisix.co.uk made their presence felt taking the 1-2 in the Opening 3km and the 8km long distance league event.

For the women Katie Ann Elliston of Southend Wheelers and Heidi Gibbons of Hemel Hempstead CC were to repeat the performance of David and Laurence convincingly 1st and 2nd across the board.

There were three categories of juniors racing from complete beginners to those raised on a grass track bike, but they all rode exceptionally well and the smiles on their faces were a joy to see.

For the hosting club there were 7 riders enjoying the fun Kieron Lawlor, Alex Cook, Steve Smith, Tom Kennison, Michael Stanley, Sally Smith and Cassie McGoldrick.

Best result of the day came from young Kieron winning the men’s 3km scratch and taking 5th in the Madison with Alex Cook. Sally and Cassie took 2nd in the women’s Madison, missing out by only one point for the win.

3km Scratch Men

David Mitchinson

Laurence Lisher

Mitchell Powell

Ian Hayter

Adam Swan

John McClelland

3km Scratch Women

Katie Ann Elliston

Heidi Gibbens

Sally Smith

Caroline Heighton

3km Scratch Men

Kieron Lawlor

Gavin Mitchel

Howard Heighton

Thomas Kennison

David Dodsworth

Mike Stanley

3km Scratch Women

Katie Ann Elliston

Heidi Gibbens

Caroline Heighton

8Km National Endurance League

David Mitchinson

Laurence Lisher

John McClelland

Ian Hayter

Adam Swan

Mitchell Powell

Kieron Lawlor

Howard Heighton

Gavin Mitchell

Alex Cook

David Hadsley

Thomas White

David Dodsworth

Tom Kennison

Mike Stanley

Andrew Bradshaw

Steven Smith

8km Women

Katie Ann Elliston

Heidi Gibbens

Caroline Heighton

800m National Series

Mitchell Powell

Phil Lisher

Laurence Lisher

Thomas White

Andrew Bradshaw

John McClelland

800m Women

Katie Ann Elliston

Heidi Gibbens

Caroline Heighton


Mitchell Powell & Laurence Lisher

David Mitchinson and David Hadsley

Ian Hayter and Phil Lisher

John McClelland and Tom White

Alex Cook and Kieron Lawler

Adam Swan and Gavin Mitchell

Tom Heighton and Howard Heighton

Tom Kennison and Andrew Bradshaw

Tom Ayres and David Dodsworth

Steve Smith and Michael Stanley


Katie Ann Elliston and Heidi Gibbens

Sally Smith and Cassie McGoldrick

SFA 10

Congratulations to Lee Kingston new 10 mile PB at the San Fairy Ann TT held on the Tonbridge bypass on Sunday He completed the course in 20.58. David Mackey also raced and who whizzed round in 24.35. 

Club Hill Climb

On Wednesday the club held its hill climb up the 1.4km ascent of Hollingbourne Hill.

Some fantastic times were returned with Tom Rowing of local club Abellio SFA RT piping GS Avanti’s Dan Pink. Jacob Kennison claimed top velo and 3rd with Michael Stanley 4th and top vet.

Thanks to all the club helpers.

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Club Hill Climb Result

Held on Hollingbourne HIll (QHC/11)

Wednesday 21st August 2019

1 Tom Rowing Abellio SFA RT 3.23.9
2 Dan Pink GS Avanti 3.36.7
3 Jacob Kennison Medway Velo 4.05.1
4 Mike Stanley Medway Velo 4.37.6
5 Alex Cook Medway Velo 4.39.5
6 Tom Knight Medway Velo 4.40.7
7 Steve Waite Medway Velo 4.48.8
8 Fraser Blandford Medway Velo 5.01.5
9 Tom Kennison Medway Velo 5.08.4

Thank you to everyone who rode, and to Vic Williams, Rob Kennison, Phil Booth, and Rodney Kennison for officiating.

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Weekly update 6th to 14 July

North North crits 
On Tuesday Rich Stokoe reached at the North Weald crots. Starting with the fast group the race went off at a brisk pace. Rich attempted to chase a breakaway if 8 riders but no one came with him so he nestled back Imin the bunch after 2 laps the breakaway was brought back. In a faster than usual, 26mph, race Rich did well to stay in the group and rolled in midfield making up a few places in the sprint. 

Gravesend CC 20km TT 
Dave Mackey raced on Sunday 7th in the 20km TT held on the Molash course. He had a good run and completed the distance in 31mins 55secs.

Maidstone Triathlon

On Sunday 7th Matt Nunn and Sally Smith raced the Maidstone Triathlon. The athletes had to swim 300m, ride a hilly 18km and run 4.5km. Matt was first back in 55nins. He won his age group (Male aged 25 to 39). Sally completed in 1hr 1min taking 2nd lady overall and a win in her age group (19 to 45). 

Ironman Austria 
Kay Maynard took to Austria to take on Ironman.  The event involved a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike leg and a marathon to finish. It’s a true test of grit determination and stamina. Kay did amazingly well completing the epic adventure in 15hrs 55mins 20secs and earning yet another ironman medal for her collection.

Ladies mile LVRC
Richard Stokoe and Jon Graciano donned their MVC jerseys to take on the San Fairy Ann CC LVRC road race in Groombridge on Sunday 14th. The event was over a hilly circuit which Rich later described as a “wearing down process.” Rich was sitting well in the bunch until the 5th lap when he lost a wheel on a corner and time trailed to the finish with another rider. Jon was riding well and even chased down a break before the effort took its toll and he finished in a chase group.

On Thursday Nathan Delaney raced at cyclopark in Gravesend. It proved a fruitful race with the velo finishing in 6th place. This adds a few more British Cycling points to his tally and he moves a step closer to his Cat 2 race licence

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Dan Waite RIP

Last week we were shocked and devastated to learn our club mate Dan Waite had tragically lost his life in a collision. Our thoughts remain with his family, especially his wife, and our club mate, his brother Steve.

A tribute to Dan can be read here on the Kent Messenger’s website.

Rest in Peace Dan, you are so missed.

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Evening Ten Result

Medway Velo / Wigmore CC Club ten


Wednesday 3rd July 2019

1 Keith Walker Wigmore CC 23:54
2 Rodney Smith Wigmore CC 24:08
3 Richard Masters Wigmore CC 26:44
4 Julien Barton Wigmore CC 27:10
5 Dave Bishop Wigmore CC 27:18
6 Jamie Harris Wigmore CC 27:29
7 Nick Howlett Wigmore CC 28:20
8 Kevin Ford Wigmore CC 30:29
9 Ian Ward Wigmore CC 36:49
  Two up    
1 Alex Cook Medway Velo 24:49
  Lee Kingston    
2 Tom Kennison Medway Velo 25:05
  Keiron Lawler    
3 Richard Stokoe Medway Velo 25:36
  Jon Graciano    
4 Fraser Blandford Medway Velo 25:48
  Malcolm Day    
5 Sally Smith Medway Velo 25:59
  Rob Kennison    
6 Karen Florey Medway Velo 30:03
  Chris Robinson    

Thanks to Phil Booth, Paul Buckley (timekeeping), John Booty, Rodney Kennison, Mick Florey, Jill Day, and the other marshals.

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