GP de Gentlemen / women – Sunday 1st September

Sunday 1st September sees the final club time trial of the year, with a traditional end of season event a GP de Gentlemen / women 2 up.

For the GP de Gentlemen/women, one rider must be either a veteran (over 40 years old) or a woman (any age which meets CTT rules). This ‘designated’ rider must be paced for the first four laps, for the final lap it becomes a traditional two up event where both riders may share the pace making.

If both riders are veterans, and / or a woman, then one rider must be the ‘designated’, and the organiser should be notified of this at sign on.

Composite teams, where riders come from different clubs are acceptable, and being a club event there is no requirement for both riders to wear similar kit.

Sign on is in Ridham Dock Road from approximately 10:15 am, first rider off is at 11:00 am.

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1st January 2018
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