If you have been along to a couple of our club runs or are renewing your membership then the club is now offering the opportunity to buy/renew your membership online. When you click the link below you will be taken to the British Cycling website to process your membership.

Please read our Membership Terms and Conditions

Buy Membership Online

Male Members will pay the following:

Senior £15
Grand Veteran £15

Female membership is as follows:
Senior £15
Grand Veteran £15

For All:
Junior £Free (Please send a completed membership form to the club secretary)
Second Claim £15

Existing members – membership will still run from 1st January – 31st December
** All new members will have their membership run from the date they join and will be renewable annually from their join date.

Please note that if you are using the on-line membership system British Cycling levy a non-refundable charge of £1 for the transaction.

If you wish to pay by Post then please complete the club membership form (Download our Membership Form) and send it along with a cheque made payable to “Medway Velo”  and send them to the club secretary:

Rob Kennison
16 Pintail Drive, Iwade, Kent, ME9 8QW

Adobe PDF Reader required (download)


20 Responses to Membership

  1. David lunan says:

    I have just started cycling again after 50years.i cycle at between 10/13 mph.the most I have done so far is 23 miles,but I would like to do a bit your club able to accommodate a novice old timer.

    Cheers dave

    • Tom says:

      Hi Dave,

      You are more than welcome to come along and try us out. I think you would be surprised at how many of our members are in your age bracket.

      I would suggest attending the ride that leaves Victory Cycles at 9.30am on a Sunday as this is specifically for new / novice riders and won’t push you too hard.

      Kind regards

      Tom – Medway Velo Secretary.

  2. gary norman says:

    Hi. Just getting back into cycling and ive seen your group meet up on seversl occasion outside victory cycles and noticed they all have road bikes. I have a boardman road hybrid would I still be able too join?!

    many thanks

    • Tom says:

      Hi Gary,

      I don’t see there being a problem with you riding a hybrid bike. I would suggest that if you are unsure you come along to the Sunday @ 9.30 am ride first, however if you think you could keep a steady pace up to about 16mph then you would be fine to join the steady group on a Saturday morning. Feel free to email me ( if you have any further questions.


  3. Paul fry says:

    Hi I have been riding for a few months and ride about 10-12 mph but like to do between 20-40 miles. I have been looking for a club to join to go out on a regular basis. Would I be able to come out with your club? Then become a member. I would like to train to lose weight and do some major rides next year, at the moment I have a mountine bike but have road tyres but I’m looking to get a race bike in September.
    Thanks for any help you can give.


    • sally_smith says:

      Hello Paul you’d be more than welcome. I would suggest going with the Sunday group at 9.30am


    • Nick Frawley says:

      Hi Paul
      Nick Frawley here (Paula’s x).
      Would be good to catch up with you. Do you do the Sunday morning rides?
      Speak soon

      • Paul fry says:

        Hi Nick,

        I generally go out early Saturday moring, just got a new road bike and looking at now joining Velo. Been out once with them I went on my mountain bike and got blown away but fare play they did stay with me and also met a good bloke that I go out with on a Saturday morning. If you want to come out on a Saturday let me know get my number off Keelan. Meet up soon.

  4. james says:

    I’m a novice 52 year old and want to join a club so I can get fit, ride different routes and improve my ability.
    Would I be able to join in on a few rides to see if I can cope with the rides. I have a disability and have had three operations on my spine. I have been told to keep mobile and I find the cycling excellent.
    please advise if I can join in


  5. terry says:

    Hi i am a novice cyclist who would like to improve my ability.I am a member of british cycling and i have booked some sky rides to get me started so i got some miles done, but i would like to more and next year do some events like london to paris. would it be possible to join. I could make next saturday 2 august.
    Kind Regards

  6. Nick Frawley says:

    Went along to the cyclo park racing today and helped out with the marshalling. What a fantastic facility.
    Got chatting to Vince Povey and had a great laugh; turns out we went to the Sam primary school at the same time (small world!!!)……

  7. Steve says:

    I’ve just got in to cycling, got a road bike for Christmas and been going out twice a week. I’m looking to join a club an would eventually like to start racing. I live in Rainham and often see you guys meeting at Victory. Could I pop along one Sunday and if so do I need to join or could I pay a one off fee?

    • Matt Fearn says:

      Hi Steve,
      Yes pop along and you will be made to feel welcome. 9am on a Saturday which is generally a slightly longer ride with groups for all abilities catered for. Sundays are a slightly more relaxed affair, meeting at half nine, and the pace is slower to encourage newer or more social riders.
      Will be good to see you and sorry for the lengthy delay in replying 🙂

  8. michelle lofting says:


    A couple of days ago via the British Cycling Account I managed to join your cycling group (i think) .

    As yet I have not received a confirmation email from you. So i don’t know if im a member or not??

    Please could you confirm

    • Phil Booth says:

      Hi Michelle

      Thanks for your comment, I have passed your enquiry on to our membership secretary who will respond to you. I’m afraid I dont have access to the BC membership lists so can’t see. Many thanks, Phil.

  9. Daniel Holt says:

    I am very interested in joining your group .

    I am 41 and have recently bought a hybrid bike and started cycling in the last 3 weeks . The most I have completed is 14 miles but have not found it too strenuous and that there was plenty left in the tank , I prefer to ride more leisurely and ride country trails and roads as not overly confident on the main roads.
    Please let me know if I am suitable to join your group and any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


    • Phil Booth says:

      Hi Dan, our Sunday club runs would be a good chance for you to see if the club is suitable for you. The ride is usually about 40 miles long, but it does include a cafe stop. Full details can be found on our website.

  10. Scott says:

    Hello I’ve been riding about a week now I’m not particularly fast and I’m 17 stone I’m riding a road bike and would like to go on longer rides with others does this club a low for members like me

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