Off Road

Cyclo-Cross is off road circuit racing for all ages.

Although looking like a road bike, cyclo-cross bikes have a number of differences; thick knobbly tyres, disc or cantilever brakes, and more clearance for mud. Many local races also allow riders to compete on a mountain bike should they wish.


Despite being seen as a winter sport, cyclo-cross has developed into more of a year round sport in recent times and Velo members now compete in the London Summer Series as well as the more traditional winter based London and East Kent Cyclo-Cross Leagues.

Races usually involve a variety of surfaces and a number of obstacles such as stairs, sand, and hurdless, are included to break up the field. Racing always helps to develop bike handling skills as well as quick dismounting and remounting.


For more details of races local to Medway Velo please check out the London Cyclo-Cross Association website here.