Thanet RC 2-Up TT Race report

By Sally Smith (& Deb Hope)

With a whole week to recover from the London Marathon and one day from Debs to recover from a 100k sportive we decided to have a bash at the Thanet 2-up which took place on Monday, 25 April.

The course was two-laps of a fairly flat course, there was one incline of note and the main challenge seemed to come from the wind. The course started off in Manston Business Park then looped round towards Spitfire Corner, onto the B2050 towards Birchington, then Margate Hill and repeat!

I was excited and daunted by this event, even though it was short at only 9.5miles I didn’t want to be slow and let Debs down. I also wanted to try and get in the prizes to see the team name in lights!

Despite being early we just about had time to ride the course before the off, this proved to be a good move as we were able to identify the rough road and markers for the turns. It was not long before we were clocking up our desired 20mph average.

I was riding my Quintano Roo TT bike and think this helped me ride strongly on the flat, whilst Debs flew up the hills like a whippet, great team work. We were changing over every 30 seconds or so and trying to stay low and streamlined the whole time.

We were happy to clock in at 26.26mins which earned us second place overall with 5 lady teams down on the start sheet we were pleased to come away with something at all. This was only the second time we had ridden together so I know there is faster and better to come, but this is surely a sign for a good start?

All in all a great fun day.

Over and out!

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  1. Rob S says:

    Way to go Sal and Debs – Sally, where were the Planet X wheels?

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